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TAP-Circlehe way she supports my clients puts me at ease because I know they are in great hands and will be taken care at the highest level possible.

~Amy Porterfield




  • First I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU for getting me connected with my VA.  I told her yesterday that in one week’s time she has made me a Raving Fan (title of awesome book by Ken Blanchard) of her and her work.  She is absolutely amazing. I love everything she has done, all the initiative she takes, and all the ways in which she relates and interacts with me. It is God-send, and both Zerrin and I are VERY thankful!  Every day I have found myself more excited and energized!
    ~ Mark Oelze- True Life Resources
  • Trivinia and her team are top notch virtual assistants. They are conscientious and proactive and work beyond what I ask or expect. They truly care about my business, and take great care of my customers. I highly recommend them!
    ~ Rebecca Livermore
  • Trivinia Barber is an exceptional executive virtual assistant. She takes initiative as appropriate and works well without supervision, but also responds professionally to input and instruction. She's a great team player, highly organized, and takes on new challenges with enthusiasm. I highly recommend her.
    ~ Michael Hyatt
  • "When I started working with my VA, Julienne, I was looking for someone that could help me with some small, but tedious tasks that I needed to complete. However, I time progressed, Julienne has become an essential part of my team. We discuss everything from business operations to marketing to sales. Without her I would be lost. Thank you Trivinia for introducing me to my most valuable team member!"

    ~ Andrew Lewin, Speak Up For Blue
  • When Trivinia joined my team as my Executive Assistant, she was an instant asset to my business. From day one, she has looked at my business as her own, making recommendations and suggestions to help streamline my projects and save me time and money.
    ~ Amy Porterfield
  • When I first heard about the concept of a Virtual Assistant, I wondered what she might ever be able to do for me. Boy! Was I ever in for a delightful discovery process. (more…)
    ~ Dr. Mike Huber, President, Berean Fellowship of Churches

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